And Then There Were Four

We're creating this blog because it's the cool thing to do when people are having a baby. Just kidding, really we already have a hard enough time keeping up with everyone we want to, and our lives are about to get even more wonderfully busy. We can't wait - and we want you guys to be able to share in it too, so we both plan on reporting on it. Read at your own risk, and hopefully you'll enjoy it!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Strange Start to the Day.....

Woke up this morning....hungry.....very hungry.

Went down to the kitchen and immediately everything looked good. I thought to myself (and actually said outloud to Brina) "Eating for two!"

So....."breakfast" consisted of oatmeal, a banana, ramen noodles in a cup and gatorade.

Perfect combination for a rainy monday morning :)

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