And Then There Were Four

We're creating this blog because it's the cool thing to do when people are having a baby. Just kidding, really we already have a hard enough time keeping up with everyone we want to, and our lives are about to get even more wonderfully busy. We can't wait - and we want you guys to be able to share in it too, so we both plan on reporting on it. Read at your own risk, and hopefully you'll enjoy it!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Counting Down the Weeks

Hi everyone

Quick update on life at our house this past week.

The biggest development is that we not only have an almost finished bathroom but we got the carpets cleaned and have started assembling nursery furniture!! All the construction mess is out of the nursery and official set up has begun! So far we have the glider and a dresser set up and the crib and changing table in boxes waiting for assembly.

Before the carpet cleaning, we had to move everything out of the upstairs in preparation. Here is what our dining room looks like right looks like we're moving. Not moving....just hopefully purging stuff we don't need and organizing what we do.

When the nursery is finished we'll make sure and post lots of pictures. It's been a busy week for us. Work is busy, work at home is busy, we're just busy. Lots to do in the next few weeks! Brina and Brian crashed on the couch last night.

Finally.....a belly shot from week 35. Only 5 more to go! Right now I have little feet lodged under my ribcage making sure I know that he is still in there. Quite the experience. We'll keep you posted!


Joanna said...

yyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! love you both and the boy too :) miss you guys like crazy!

Jennifer McGahey said...

glad i found your blog! hang in there!!